White Cloud

White Cloud gets its name from the revolutionary contrast between the vapor produced by electronic smoking and the cloud created by burning chemicals as a regular smoker. That white cloud, like a puff of cotton against a blue sky, seems so harmless and gentle, nothing like the grey harbinger of storms cigarettes are known for.

White Cloud Review: Affordable Products

White Cloud claims their products are affordable. As compared with whom is not stated, but the suggestion is that they aim to compete with brand names and that electronic smoking could be cheaper. Smoking e cigs is already cheaper than buying cigarettes, with a single e cig equivalent to multiple smokes.

Still, if the price could be lower, would you consider saving still more? For instance, would it turn your head if you could buy disposables for about $5 each? The more White Cloud disposable cigs you buy, the cheaper they are, with a five-pack costing around $25. Buy 100 at once and the price for each one comes way down. All White Cloud disposables possess a soft tip for realistic and comfortable puffing.

Starter Kits

Kits are another matter, the lowest price being around $50 and the highest about $130. While this is not bad in comparison to others, it is definitely not more affordable either. You will probably begin with disposables and eschew starter kits until you are really sure. Cirrus II is the simplest starter kit featuring a charging adaptor, 2 batteries, and a carry case.

Batteries and chargers are also available for purchase separately, just in case you wish you had one of each at work, home, and in multiple rooms of your house.

E Juice

Nicotine is what you sign up for, unless you are trying to quit, in which case you just want to keep up with the habit so that you have something in your hands and between your lips and don’t switch to a pack of chocolate donuts each day. Iced Berry, Atlantic Cut, Kick, Cinnamon, and Lime Coconut are a sample of their 19 choices. Some of these selections are available in strengths from zero nicotine to double extra-strength. Others offer limited selection.