Wycked Vapor

At first glance, Wycked Vapor seems to elicit mixed emotions — a little bit lovely, a little bit wicked. Take a look at their website so you can see what I mean. Their wicked side comes out through zombies, dragons, and bootleggers in their catalogue. Loveliness is seen in the exquisite devices and flavors on their menu.

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Dragon lovers will find joy in even the smallest references to these mythical beasts, such as designs on eGo batteries (sold here for $26.99). A 1100-mAh LCD VV battery costs $18.99. The eRoll is $39.99. Prices are lovely too, but I don’t know if these are genuine JoyeTech items or made by any other recognizable brand.

Tanks like the Innokin iClear and Phonex Dripper are sold at competitive prices alongside replacement parts to keep them working. Choose a Texas Tuff Tank by Vape Dudes for $5.99 (the low end of the scale) or a Russian 91% for $99.99 (the high end). Aspire is reliable: a Nautilus Stainless Steel Tank sells for $19.99.

A list of drip tips shows products from $3.99 to $12.99: average prices, nothing heavy duty. Materials include brass and aluminum. Designs feature skulls, snakes, and marble swirls.

Custom Designs: Beauty and the Beast

There are custom mods like a beautiful, handmade wooden e-pipe costing $200 and a wicked-looking handmade Zombie Survival E-Hookah lunch box for $325 designed for two vapers to enjoy their e-liquid at one time. This one plugs in laptop style for when you want to enjoy vaping socially.

More Mods

The Valkyrie mod clone by EHPro looks wicked, but at a lovely price of $64.99. A VaporShark DNA with the Evolv 30 watt chip costs $169.99. Select an iTaste box mod like the SVD or VTR, or a Kamry K-200. The Sigelei V8 and ZMax V3 Telescopic are two more choices. Choose the Tobeco Turtleship clone, Elite Hybrid, or Karmy K-100. Yes, you can pay $150+ for a device but they don’t hold it against you if that’s going too far; hence, the spread of products and price tags.

Turn your attention to the names EHPro and Tobeco. Although these companies specialize in turning out factory-produced clones of exquisite serialized mods in their tens of thousands, these brands have become associated with high quality in their own right. Vapers who cannot afford to buy the real deal anticipate excellent quality without paying for a limited edition product.

E-Liquid Selection

Labels at Wycked Vapor are Nevermore Vape, DK’s Brew, Apothecary Tonics, and Jason’s Juice Joint. They also have Five Pawns and Bootlegger. Bootlegger juices such as Tidal Wave (sweet and icy) and Pirate’s Booty (rum with fruit) sell for $18.99, contain up to 2.4% nicotine, and feature a 60/40 propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin blend. Between the others, vapers’ tastes are covered.

Where to Find Wycked Vapor

Lake Dallas, Texas, is home to Wycked Vapor. Talk to them by phone or contact them by email. Wycked Vapor looks forward to hearing from you.