Electronic Cigarette FDA Ban

The FDA is discussing a ban of e-cigarettes, but don’t let that deter you from jumping on board a much better alternative to get your nicotine fix via a vapor-producing electronic cigarette.

This has been a rumor for years, and in fact, the FDA was shot down in 2009 when this came up.  There are many motives behind this, and here are a few.

  • Big Tobacco was initially livid when e-cigs grew in popularity.

Fact:  Lorillard bought Blu Cigs and UK based Sky Cig.  Lorillard is a Big Tobacco brand and makes the popular Newport brand.  Phillip Morris USA, the parent company that makes Camel, Winston, and the uber-popular Marlboro brand, announced their new electronic cigarette brand called “Vuse,” is coming soon.

So it’s safe to say Big Tobacco is gearing up for e-cigs to be around for quite a while!

Fact: With no tar, and no tobacco, how could e-cigs be any worse than a tobacco product?  Also, household, commonly used consumables like vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are inside the e-cig.  Would you rather have something you already consume, or stick with the known facts that tar and tobacco can KILL you?

It’s going to be interesting, but at the very least, we do expect some changes to come.   With such a serious hockey stick like growth curve, e-cigarettes are a hot topic and there will be some sort of safety measures put in place.

Our view:

There will be strict age checks so minors won’t be able to easily get products.

There perhaps will be some testing and regulation that each brand has to submit to the FDA.  The big brands with their own manufacturing will love this, while small brands who simply import products blindly, will probably fold.

Don’t let the news stories put out there scare you.  There are obviously detractors from electronic cigarettes that wish to scare everyone away from these amazing products.

Do you know what we call these people?


Quit smoking.  Vaping is the new way to get nicotine and enjoy a smoke.

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