Most Realistic E-Cigarette

When we set out to start vaping, we wanted an electronic cigarette that was more than anything – realistic.

Sure, we’ve tried the tanks, like the Joyetech eGo, and all the other big, clunky versions of electronic cigarettes that exist.  But, for our money, the most realistic electronic cigarette brands are the ones we tend to use and recommend to others looking for an alternative to tobacco products.

For that reason, we like to suggest everyone who uses the KR808 battery style with replaceable cartridges as the most realistic e-cig experience.

In that arena of brands, you’ll find South Beach Smoke, V2 Cigs, Bull Smoke, Green Smoke, Ever Smoke, Halo Cigs, and even the Vapor Couture brand for women.

It’s not that we don’t enjoy the Joyetech’s of the world and the Apollo Cigs eGo, etc, but the big clunky e-cig just doesn’t mesh with what we feel is a realistic experience.

With anything, your mileage may vary, but we like to keep things looking very real and as close to smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette as possible.

We recommend trying a couple of their disposables to get an idea if you’re just starting out or looking for something better than the common brands in local stores such as Blu Cigs, Logic, or NJOY (though NJOY is decent, and does feel a lot like an actual cigarette, it just a very subtle flavor).

V2 Red & Box Of MarlborosFor Marlboro Smokers:

Check out V2 Cigs Red – also available as a disposable at

For Camel or Winston Smokers:

Check out Bull Smoke’s tobacco flavors such as refined blend and American Ranger at (they also have a tobacco flavored disposable).

For Newport Smokers:

Check out South Beach Menthol – also available as a disposable at