Apollo Ecig Starter Kits

New e-smokers and advanced smokers are equally likely to enjoy an Apollo E Cig starter kit. There are two examples for beginners and two more for intermediate or advanced smokers who want their batteries to endure for longer.

Electronic Cigarettes for Beginners

When you say “e cigarette,” other smokers know you are talking about the basic yet revolutionary two-part vaper pens. They are built to look like regular, slim cigarettes. In the case of Apollo e cigs, they glow at the tip like ordinary cigs. An electronic version is one part battery, one part mouthpiece. A Standard Kit comes with two standard automatic batteries providing between one and two hours of vapor. Five cartomizers in the flavor and strength you choose are included, a wall adaptor, and a USB charger. The portable charger is a handy extra for smoking while you travel.

A little less money is the Extreme Starter. This package sounds like it should be more expensive, not cheaper than the Standard. Two batteries are included: extreme batteries providing a bit more power than basic ones. Five cartomizers are included, the USB charger and wall adaptor, plus a car charger. The portable charger is not included.

Apollo makes it visually apparent who should use each set. The first is for beginners who are also light smokers. The second accommodates beginners who smoke moderately or heavily.

Ego Kits

A Superior Ego Kit was designed for intermediate electronic cigarette users who smoke heavily. They need the extra power of a high capacity battery lasting up to 9 hours. A lanyard pouch and bottle of e-juice are also included plus two clear tanks known as clearomizers. Apollo makes batteries in 8 colors. This kit is the equivalent price to that of the Standard e cig starter.

Variable Power

The VTube by Apollo is a starter kit in another class. It comes with two batteries as well, but the system is designed for the experienced vaper who wants to control power. A carry case, special charger for heavy-duty batteries, and two mini clearomizers are included. Expect to pay almost double for the VTube compared with an Ego kit.