Bull Smoke Starter Kits | E Cig Starter Kit Review

Bull Smoke electronic cigarette company keeps things simple for new vapers. Choose one of two starter kits which are much the same except for one point: nicotine flavors. Otherwise, there is nothing to choose between them.

Bull Smoke Ranch HandBull Smoke Ranch Hand

As a tough guy you would probably select tobacco nicotine juice instead of exotic or dessert flavors. Even if you like cherries, you have an image to uphold.

A Ranch Hand starter kit comes with 2 rechargeable batteries: a Kentucky (extra-long) and a Stubby (short). Also in the kit is a wall adaptor and express charger plus ten cartridges, already atomized.

Five contain American Ranger tobacco juice (described as comparable to a single leaf Virginia style) and a Turkish variety of Tobacco. All that remains is to choose your strength of nicotine (or to omit it and kick the addiction) and hand over $29.95.

Bull Smoke City SlickerCity Slicker Starter Kit

A city slicker conveys a softer image than the ranch hand. Even if he wants to be a cowboy deep inside, he carries a brief case and wears trendy shoes. He eats sushi at lunch, lives in a high rise, and maybe likes the scent of exotic nicotine. No one will look sideways at him if his e cig smells like chocolate.

His package comes with all of the same hardware as a Ranch Hand starter kit. He receives one of each flavor of nicotine juice, including three tobacco varieties and one menthol. Apart from chocolate and cherry, a City Slicker kit comes with peppermint ice, coffee, vanilla, and grape.

Price Comparison

$30 is an unbeatable price for a starter kit of this size. The wall adaptor is an especially nice addition, and receiving 10 cartridges is twice as many as most brands provide for a kit of this price.

By earning Bull Smoke Bucks consumers save even more money towards purchases of replacement batteries and cartridges.