Eversmoke Starter Kits

When you decide to begin using electronic cigarettes, you might try disposables or perhaps a beginner’s package. An Eversmoke starter kit provides good value for vapers who are just beginning to experience the difference between regular cigs and the electronic revolution.

Group Discounts

Starter kits provide value for money. If you bought all of the parts in a Basic Starter Kit individually (one each high and standard capacity batteries, a USB charger, and wall adaptor), the cost would be $65.88 not including the price of 5 cartridges. A kit costs $49.99. The Pro Kit comes with a power cigarette and car adaptor as well, so add $29.98 to that $65 price tag or just buy the kit for $79.99 and save about $15. Meanwhile, you receive double the number of cartridges.

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A pack of 15 cartridges costs $39.99. A case is valued at $14.99. A third battery will cost another $20 or so. Add these to the Pro Starter Kit to create the Ultimate, priced at $149.99. The savings simply mount up.

Eversmoke E Cig Starter Kit

Express Savings

Perhaps the best value for beginners is to purchase an Express Kit. This comes with just one standard battery and a USB charger plus two cartridges of 18mg tobacco or menthol juice. While a disposable is convenient, it is wasteful by comparison. Purchase them in packs of five, ten, or fifteen one-piece e-cigs. The Express Kit offers a compromise between the commitment of a pricier starter and the wastefulness of disposable Eversmoke electronic cigarettes.

Major Flavor

One advantage of bigger kits, however, is that you choose your flavor of cartridges and the strength you want. Eversmoke’s ten flavors include three types of tobacco, a menthol, and peppermint. The other five are coffee, cherry, peach, pina colada, and vanilla. They come in packs of 15, 30, or 45. The more cartridges you buy, the less each one costs. Strengths are no nicotine, ultra-light, full flavored, and bold.

Visit their website: http://eversmoke.com