Green Smoke Starter Kits | E Cig Starter Kit Review

Green Smoke is one of the top selling, top rated e cigarette companies in the United States. In top ten lists of e cigarettes written by consumers and reviewers, Green Smoke features at or near the top regularly, even as new companies enter the market. If you are thinking of trying Green Smoke and have never smoked electronically before, perhaps the best way to begin is by purchasing one of their starter kits.

What are Starter Kits?

Smoking ordinary cigarettes involves unwrapping packs of cigs and lighting up one stick at a time before throwing it away: simple, but wasteful. The idea behind e cigs is that you recharge the battery regularly and replace the flavor cartridge when it is empty.

This way you do not have to throw out your cigarette after every use, leading to money savings and reduced waste. A starter kit provides the essential pieces for recharging your stick and replacing the empty nicotine supply without mess.

One other way to try e cigs is to buy a small package of disposable e cigarettes.

Green Smoke Menthol Ice Disposable

Green Smoke for Beginners

The next and most probably step you will take is to buy one of several starter kits such as the classic. Green Smoke’s Express Kit includes one rechargeable battery, one USB e-cig, five cartomizers, a USB charger, a wall adaptor and a carrying case.

These are the minimum pieces you need to continue smoking regularly without having to wait for a battery to charge or for new nicotine cartomizers to arrive. Five cartomizers last a long time, not just for the same time as five “smokes”, but for a few days depending how much you vape.

The next step up from the Express Kit is the Pro Kit (their top selling kit), which comes with one more battery, 5 more flavor cartridges and a slightly different charging set up, with a car adapter included.

Green Smoke Pro Kit

Green Smoke's Pro Starter Kit

A Handy Chart

Why are there so many choices? Some people just want more, or they are buying a set Love Birds’ Kit with two of everything for two people. Maybe you need a car adaptor or you use public transport. Otherwise, you want to know the differences between kits without having to flip from one web page to another. Green Smoke compares them right on their site using a simple chart.

See how many batteries, cartomizers, and chargers there are in each kit. Compare prices. Only one set includes a leather carry case.

Green Smoke’s Lovebirds Kit

Green Smoke's Lovebirds Kit


Your starter kit comes with a membership card. What is that? Green Smoke wants to encourage loyalty from their customers, so they provide reward points for every purchase. As you build up points, spend them on new batteries, cartomizers, or a carry case for your equipment.