Halo Cigs Starter Kits | E Cig Starter Kit Review

The G6 E-Cig and Triton Tank System Starter Kits from Halo all include the same parts, but there are still choices to be made. Consumers using electronic cigarettes for the first time might be shy about switching from ordinary cigs, or they could be bold about it. Halo electronic cigarettes can be as noticeable or as discrete as you want.

Halo G6 Starter KitParts of a Halo Cigs G6 Starter Kit

G6 kits from Halo come in Princess Pink, Electric Lime, Deep Purple, and more. You get the picture: some vivid hues rein here, but basic black is also available. The end of each cig lights up with a blue LED, simulating the burning embers of a regular cigarette but in a prettier color.

For $44.99 vapers receive two batteries and can choose automatic or manual. Batteries also come in two sizes: 78mm or 65mm. Each kit possesses five nicotine cartridges, a USB adapter, a wall charger, and a case.

You will find the case is a safety feature if you choose to use manual batteries because if the button is pressed accidentally you will turn your cigarette on and waste the battery, maybe even burn yourself or your purse/pocket. If stored in the case the button will not be pressed by mistake.

Halo E-Liquid is American made, pharmacy grade, and safety sealed for your protection. Included in the starter kit flavor list are 4 types of tobacco, Menthol Ice, Malibu, and Belgian Cocoa, all in low, medium, high, or extra-high nicotine strengths.

Malibu is like pina colada with a hint of menthol. Tribeca tobacco features vanilla and caramel notes. Turkish tobacco is similar to other Middle Eastern Blends. Torque 56 offers an unfiltered experience.

Parts of a Triton Starter Kit

After experimenting with electronic cigarettes you will be inspired to continue, to go back to cigarettes, quit altogether, or try something more advanced. The Triton Tank System is an APV from Halo.

Tanks contain more e-liquid than e-cig cartridges. They can also be refilled. Each Triton starter kit is, again, the same except for color (there are 11 options this time such as Demon Red and Mocha). The two batteries will be manual, but select 400mAh or 650mAh.

You get a cone, wall charger, USB adaptor, and 2 clear tanks. A case is also included. You will have to buy e-juice to fill the tanks yourself which means, on top of the flavors offered with G6 starter kits, consumers can sample Tiki Juice (Tahitian style tobacco with dessert-like qualities), Shamrock (Mint Chocolate), and others.