South Beach Smoke Starter Kits | E Cig Starter Kit Review

Time and time again, South Beach Smoke enters the top ten e cigarette charts, beating out a lot of competition for performance, customer service, vapor, and more. Find out for yourself if this is the brand you want to smoke when you give up regular cigarettes by choosing a starter kit and learning how it works.

Deluxe Plus Starter KitStarter Kits by South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke starter kits are all “Deluxe.” There are three such kits plus a couples’ kit. Each product comes with at least two batteries (standard and extra-capacity), a wall charger, and a USB charger. Each package contains a minimum of 10 cartridges in your choice of flavor and strength (0-2.4% nicotine).

The original Deluxe kit costs $59.99: maybe a bit much for a beginner to fork over, but the cost per/pack is $1.41. Also, it comes with more parts than most beginners’ starter kits.

The Deluxe Plus adds a power cigarette (which bypasses the battery and goes straight to USB), a car adaptor, and a carry case.

With the Deluxe Ultimate, add a second extra-capacity battery, this one is automatic (the others are always automatic by default unless you purchase manual items separately).

Users have more control over their vaping experience with automatic batteries, but there is also the danger of accidentally turning it on. Storing cigs in the carry case prevents trouble. Also included in the kit is a personal charging case, lanyard, and twenty cartridges.

Reusable Express KitsAnother Starter Kit

One more option for new e cigarette users is to buy a Reusable Express Cigarette. The package is simple and small with one standard battery, a USB charger, and two nicotine cartridges. For $21.99 this is great value for someone who is still sitting on the wall, unsure about whether to switch or which branch to choose.

More Features

All electronic parts from South Beach Smoke come with a lifetime warranty, plus a 30 day money back guarantee. Their liquids are made in the United States. South Beach Smoke sells three types of tobacco — Blue, Gold, and Classic.

The website indicates what they taste like compared to cigarette brands. For mint lovers there is menthol or peppermint. Sweet-teeth can choose chocolate, cherry, vanilla, peach, or pina colada.