V2 Cigs Starter Kits | E Cig Starter Kit Review

There is an element of give-and-take when searching for starter kits between companies and within a single brand. When you spend less you surrender some choices, but you save money and get started with electronic smoking. If you enjoy doing it yourself, the parts you need to expand your options are available, but the essentials are already there. V2 Cigs provides one of the most affordable starter kits on the market as well as options for people who want every choice available to them.

V2 Cigs Ultimate KitPaying for Choices

What are you selecting when you look for a kit?

First of all, there is the amount of gear included in a package. The smallest set from V2 Cigs comes with an express USB charger, and every other V2 set will come with at least a charger and wall adapter no matter which one you choose.

Consumers receive a single rechargeable battery of ordinary length and power. Discover 6 nicotine cartridges in your package plus an extra piece not found in most starter kits: a disposable e cig. This is the Basic Kit, so customers can only choose menthol or tobacco nicotine juice at 1.8% nicotine (regular).

Where do more choices come in?

As you invest in bigger packages costing more, the options increase. Scroll down the page of starter kits and compare them all easily. Every set comes with an instruction manual. All cartridges are batch-tested and labeled. Each electronic product bought directly from V2 Cigs comes with a lifetime warranty.

V2 Cigs Halloween Starter KitMany features are absent from all sets except the Ultimate, such as a metal carry case, power cig, lanyard, and car adapter. This last option is available in many starter kits produced by other companies, but then you must compare pricing, shipping charges, and the warranty to decide which is the best deal.

Both the Ultimate and Standard Plus come with portable chargers, but the Ultimate item is extra-large.

Also, there are more cartridges included in larger kits. You select your favorite flavors from three tobacco, three menthol, and four specialty flavors. Consumers opt for a preferred strength as well. Decide to stick with the strength you are used to (light, regular, or strong) or quit nicotine entirely and just smoke for the pleasure of it.

Benefits of V2 Cigs Systems

Notice that V2 e cigarettes are fitted with cartridges, not cartomizers. A cartomizer combines the cartridge and atomizer. V2 cigs have a built-in atomizer, so the cartridge is separate.

There are advantages and disadvantage to this which the experienced electronic vaper will point out. As a beginner, what you need to know is that after you use up the cartridges in your starter kit and throw them out, you can purchase cartridges designed to be refilled.

Drop juice from a bottle into these blanks. The advantages are that you throw out fewer parts and you save money buying juice in larger amounts at one time.