Volcano E Cig Starter Kits

The selection of kits at Volcano E cigs appeals to beginners and advanced electronic smokers. Volcano carries a starter kit for first-time users, another for intermediate vapers, and one for the advanced consumers.

After you give up smelly cigarettes, turn to a standard e cig in two parts. The bottom is a battery. The part you put your mouth on is the cartomizer. This is a combination of atomizer (heating element) and cartridge (containing liquid). Combining the two ensures there is a fresh power source with every new cartridge so that vapor and taste are consistent until it runs out.

Volcano Cigs Magma Kit

A Magma Kit provides a five-pack of cartomizers in flavors like Waikiki Watermelon, Kona Coffee, or Cherry Lava along with menthol and tobacco favorites. Nicotine levels vary with the flavors.

Each kit also contains two automatic batteries, black or red, with red LED lights at the end to simulate the burning embers of a tobacco cigarette. A mini USB cable and USB charger plus a wall adaptor come in the package. If you are still unsure of how to use e cigs, short videos and written explanations on the Volcano website augment instructions in the user’s manual.

Intermediate smokers are advised to go straight to the Inferno kit. This is a tank system, not a two-piece cig like the Magma. It comes in a sturdy gift box with two sizes of manual batteries. This means you can heat the battery before puffing, instead of activating the atomizer by drawing.

The major difference between an e cigarette and a tank system is that the latter comes with more powerful batteries. They are meant to keep a smoker lasting for several hours: however long it takes him to empty a cartomizer or two. Each Inferno Starter Kit also contains a wall adaptor, mini USB cable, tube sock, tank, and 15mls of liquid.

Once you have mastered an Inferno, you can finally handle a Lavatube. This is the most powerful vaping machine from Volcano. Users control wattage/voltage to achieve the most pleasurable amount of vapor and flavor from their liquid. The kit contains a 15ml bottle of juice, multi-charger, chrome tube tank, high-power battery, and a carry case.