What is a Vapor Cigarette?

A vapor cigarette is a relatively new alternative to cigarette smoking.

Also called an “electronic cigarette,” the device works just like a traditional cigarette in the fact that the user has to puff on a cylinder cartridge that resembles an actual tobacco product, and once they inhale, they exhale water vapor.
electronic cigarette

To the naked eye, at a distance these devices will appear exactly the same as a cigarette in look, feel, and output. However, the inner workings are very different.

In a vapor cigarette, a soluble liquid containing nicotine is heated up inside a cartridge affixed to the end of the battery, which powers the entire device by holding a charge either from plugging into a wall or using a USB charger.

When the liquid nicotine is heated, the user ‘drags’ in the water vapor, and exhales the same water vapor.  Each liquid cartridge has a flavor to it, many resembling popular tobacco blends like Turkish, Virginia, or even menthol.

The water vapor cloud that is exhaled does NOT remain in the air very long, nor does it have any lingering odor.  They are odor free, and unlike tobacco products are not subject to the danger of second hand smoke.

Vapor cigarettes are quickly becoming a threat to cigarettes.  With no tar, no tobacco, and no second hand smoke effects, they are quickly becoming the choice of anyone looking for nicotine in ‘safer’ method of drawing it.

Lastly, they can be used in places where cigarettes can not be used, making them very appealing to people to be able to use them in the work place, at a restaurant or bar, or even in the airport.

Wells Fargo estimated that in 2013 the market would eclipse one billion dollars in sales.