What’s An E-Cigarette Starter Kit?

A starter kit is perhaps the most important purchase you make when you start investing into a lifestyle of electronic cigarette smoking.

The foundation of all starter kits is the e-cigarette battery and charging kit.  Without these, you are dead in the water, so to speak!

A starter kit provides every single component you will need to get into smokeless cigarettes.

Bull Smoke City Slicker Starter KitWhat most companies sell is outlined below:

  • USB and A/C adapter to charge the battery
  • One or more batteries
  • User Manual
  • Cartridges

Pictured here is a Bull Smoke starter kit, which is also the best priced kit you’ll find!

If you were to really get into e-cigs and dive in with two feet, there are more items that are offered, like the Ultimate Kit we recommend by V2 Cigs:

  • PCC (Portable Charging Case)
  • Carrying Case
  • Lanyard

In the case of the V2 Ultimate Kit, they offer 25 cartridges in the flavor and strength you select.  It’s a fully customizable kit, from soup to nuts.  You literally “build” it right online and see it update before your very own eyes.  You can choose battery style and color.  You can select a white or charcoal PCC.  It’s a really cool process.

V2 Ultimate Kit

V2 Ultimate Kit

If you’ve decided you want to get into e-cigarette smoking, we suggest you check out some of our e-cig coupon codes and save money when you buy a starter kit.  It’s the biggest investment you’ll make, no matter which brand you choose, but it’ll pay off in the respect that nobody will be bothered by your smoking habit anymore when you switch to vapor.

Here’s a basic starter kit video by EverSmoke: