Whats The Best Selling E-Cigarette?

If you are looking for the best selling e-cigarette, there are a few that fit the bill.

In retail locations, Blu Cigs and NJOY dominate.  Since Blu Cigs was purchased by Lorillard, their distribution went through the roof. They are available in Walgreens and many other convenience stores, giving them a massive reach and market share.

NJOY has similar distribution reach, but keep in mind these are mostly for disposable electronic cigarettes and not the type you will essentially use for the long haul.  A disposable e-cig is a good way to get into the vapor cigarette smoking habit on the cheap, but it’s not a good investment if you continuously buy them and omit to invest in a starter kit.

Speaking of starter kits, this is where we recommend you start your e-cig journey.

A starter kit gives you all you need to smoke electronic cigarettes, and it’s the biggest (but best) investment you’ll make.  The best selling e-cigarette starter kits are the V2 brand’s “Standard” and “Ultimate” Kits.  These give you so many accessories and tools to smoke e-cigs, and they are worth every penny.

This is their Ultimate Kit:

V2 Cigs Starter Kit

Alexa.com rates V2 Cigs “America’s Most Popular E-cig Brand.”  We also feel this is top brand running, and we have been user’s of their products for years.  They constantly innovate, constantly have special releases and new flavors and accessories, and in short, just strive to the best e-cig brand going by staying ahead of their competition.

For our money, and taste preferences, there is not a more complete brand than V2 Cigs.

Buy direct online at: http://v2cigs.com