Whats The Cheapest Electronic Cigarette?

The cheapest electronic cigarette you can buy is Bull Smoke.

Don’t let that say anything about their quality, however.  They are often rated a top 5 brand and everyone here loves Bull Smoke.  The batteries are as good as any other brands, the vapor is thick and heavy, and the flavor cartridges are incredible.

Bull Smoke Ranch HandWhen we say they are the cheapest, we are referring to their starter kits.  Right now, a Bull Smoke Starter kit is only $29.  Compare that to most e-cig brands who sell kits from $59, up to as high as $179.  It’s unreal how much some companies charge for their kits, let alone the cartridges.

Bull Smoke keeps customers happy with a low price for starter kits, and an every day low price for cartridges as well.  Without sacrificing any quality, you can save a ton of money by using Bull Smoke electronic cigarettes.

We also have a coupon code (as if $29 for a kit wasn’t low enough).  Use “nobull” at checkout and you’ll get another 5% off.

Buy direct from the company at http://bullsmoke.com