Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

As the electronic cigarette continues to evolve and become an accepted form of smoking in society, the number of entities selling electronic cigarettes continues to grow.

Retail distribution through convenience stores continues to grow.  Walgreens carries the Blu Cigs brand and various other disposables.

Hess, 7-11, and Circle K all sell disposable versions of electronic cigarettes.

The list will continue to grow.  Only a year or two ago it seemed that only head shops and tobacco specialty shops were selling any e-cigarettes.  Now, it’s becoming so main stream and readily available that by 2020, there was a prediction made by an analyst that e-cigs will be on pace with tobacco cigarette sales.

For our money, however, we buy e-cigs online.  What’s better than buying directly from the manufacturer? You can tap their knowledge, know you are getting an authentic product backed by a warranty, and also take advantage of the fact that buying direct ensures you are getting the best price.

Best of all, you can use our e-cig coupon codes and save money on these already ridiculously low prices.

Soon, the question will go from “where can I buy e-cigs,” to “where can’t I buy them?”