Gator Vapor Review

I can’t say anything sharp or pointed about Gator Vapor: this is going to be a toothless review. They carry an excellent selection of goods and even post a great bonus feature: their e juice calculator. There are a few around, usually free, and this one is more than a calculator.

Gator Vapor e juice calculatorE Juice Calculator

This link actually contains tons of information about making your own e liquid, such as recipes for standard flavors. At first, I thought it would be a savings calculator, but this table tells you how to make e liquid at home, adding the right amount of flavoring per volume of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. It’s a free link but there is a “donate” button at the top if you want to help pay for the cost of website hosting.

Gator Vapor Review

That’s a strong start for Gator Vapor, a company carrying assorted goodies for people at every level of vaping expertise (or not). I especially love their starter kits.

They have starters for beginners, which is what I imagine a starter kit should be. They also have advanced bundles, more like starter kits for intermediate vapers. Once you get used to vaping and understand what you will need to keep going, there are RBAs, batteries, juice, tanks, and more.

Gator Vapor starter kitsStarter Bundles

A bundle is a package of pieces that are essential to vaping and, when sold together, cost less.

For $84.95, your 1100-mAh eGo Vision Bundle comes with 30 ml of liquid, a car charger, two full e cigs, 2 extra Vision CE4 tanks, a USB cable, and a wall adapter. There’s a 650-mAh version as well. If you bought each piece one at a time, the cost would be over $100.

The Gator Vapor beginner’s kit contains two GV-808 batteries, 280 mAh, with 2 refillable cartridges which can be blank or filled with tobacco or menthol e liquid. There is a case and USB charger thrown in for $39.99. That’s an excellent price and a highly compatible threading.

Their battery rating is about the same as what you find in a high-drain mini cig battery; enough to last about 4 hours (they go into a detailed explanation on their “about us” link which is actually all about the starter kit.)

Their mini kit, a blister pack, sells for $19.99. With that you get a single battery, USB charger, and 2 cartridges. You really are better off with the $39.99 kit.

E Liquids

At $4.99 for 10 ml, $13.99 for 13 ml, prices are competitive in the e juice department. You don’t know much about the juice, unfortunately: if they use USP, kosher ingredients, and 99.9% pure American nicotine. It’s cheap and comes in lots of flavors like Blue Port, Dark N’ Mild, American Menthol, American Limeade, Citrus Splash, Strawrange, and Cucumber Melon. Nicotine values are 0, 8, 16, and 26 mg per volume.

Clearomizers and Tanks

The AeroTank is listed here for $29.99, which is standard. H2 Bottom Coil Clearos with replaceable heating coils are so cheap I thought they were disposable. Innokin iClear 30’s cost $15.99. You can buy a DCT carto for $6.99. Replace your GV-808 cartomizers with five new blanks for $9.99 or pre-filled for $11.99. I’m not impressed with these prices: brand-name items are frequently cheaper.


But the MVP costs $59.95. Ego batteries vary in price. They charge a whopping $44.95 for an 1100 mAh or 1300 mAh VV pass-through.

I don’t like that price, but Gator Vapor offers something I appreciate: the option to buy a Vamo or KMAX kit, or to buy either unit individually.

Bargain Bin

These sections are fun: you never know what’s going to be here or why. For instance, a disposable e cig is $9.99: about $10 less than usual. A 510 PCC costs $14.99, which is really cheap if you know what branded PCCs cost. Ego-T clearos priced $3.99 are affordable enough to buy 10 of and dispose of after 10 uses each.

More Stuff

Other headings at Gator Vapor were parts, mechanical mods, RBAs, batteries, and kicks. Buy a Smok Kick for $21.99 (cheaper than the Evolv version). They carry DIY tools for people who make e liquid at home or just want to separate 30-ml bottles of e liquid into smaller bottles. Another use for bottles and pipettes is separating and mixing flavors. Gator Vapor has assorted drip tips, the affordable kinds.


Shopping here is a mixed experience with some low-cost and high-cost items, but you always get that. For every major bargain, there has to be something to pay the rent.

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